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One of the most popular spring brake valves, the Sealco Spring brake priority valve immediately provides supply air to release the spring brakes and once the brakes are released then the internal pressure protection valve opens to fill the reservoir at approximately 80 psi. Used on trailers to control both parking and emergency brake functions, these valves release the spring brakes using supply line flow from the tractor, the brakes are worked first and the reservoir begins filling once the brakes are released allowing driving without waiting for the air compressor to refill. The built in control port prevents brake compounding. 

: Sealco
Part Number: 110500
UPC: SEA110500
Condition: New

  • Complies with FMVSS 121 regulations including Docket 90-3 effective October 8, 1992
  • Designed for use with a single reservoir on a typical single or tandem axle trailer
  • May also be used with two 1,400 cubic inch (nominal) reservoirs on tandem axle trailers
  • 4 Delivery ports
  • Supply port size = 3/8" pipe thread
  • Control port size = 3/8" pipe thread
  • Reservoir port size = 1/2" pipe thread
  • Delivery port size = 3/8" pipe thread

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